Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Season has Officially Begun

Hello My Friends,

Christmas season has officially begun at the Bermudez Household. Today we got our First real Christmas Tree. Honestly, I am trying my hardest to get excited about Christmas. This particular holiday has never been high on my list. I guess it's because my family never celebrated christmas when I was a child. I truly feel that christmas has just become too commercial, and kids now a days have become way too greedy and to selfish, believing that they deserve expensive gifts.

During Christmas, people tend to go beyond their means to give their kids gifts that they don't deserve half the time. I constantly tell everyone that I have no wishes for Christmas and I really don't want any gifts, but of course some feel the need to gift during this time of year. So, I guess that my Christmas would be that I finally get into the Christmas Spirit for the sake of my wife and my loved ones.

Today we went to get our first real Christmas Tree. It was a pretty decent experience. I am sort of glad we did it, because the tree does look very nice and the living room smell like pine. Eventually as Christmas gets closer I will get more into the spirit. I believe that once this whole surgery ordeal is done, I will be in a better attitude towards the season. I will keep you all posted on all aspects very soon.

Till next Time....


SueNJ said...

No being a grinch please :) Christmas spirit comes from within. Find Christ's joy in your spirit. Love you :)