Monday, December 6, 2010

Bleek but Hopeful

Hello All,

These past couple of days have been quite trying on my patience. I thought that the Pre-Admission Testing would work out, but it didn't work out as I anticipated. Because of the whole incident with the Heart Attack on the EKG, now I must undergo an Echo Cardiogram and a Stress Test. I passed the test because I am STRESSED. I am only a few days away from the surgery on Friday and I still do not have the Cardiac Clearance.

I believe that Wednesday will be the day I get the clearance, but will it be too late? I am hoping that this works out. If it does, that would make my year.... I have started the liquid diet today. It has been ok. I just gotta ignore the hunger and I will be fine. I am happy that I have not had need for insulin. The protein shakes and Chicken Broth works wonders. I am looking forward to more of the fabulous changes in my life and body.

On Wednesday I will let you all know the status....

See ya'll soon